RADIUS Interim Review Meeting

October 15, 2022

RADIUS project continues to move forward. On October 12th, all the partners and representatives from EUSPA (the EU agency that is financing the action) attended a meeting at Infraestructura de Portugal premises in Lisbon.

In total, around a dozen people gathered all day long to discuss about the project. The work package managers made a presentation to inform the rest of the partners about the work that has been developed during the past months.

Interim meeting

The main objective was to describe the achievements attained during the first half of the project, report any differences with the scheduled tasks and, if necessary, discuss any changes with respect to the original project goals.

The conclusion from the meeting is that RADIUS is progressing well. Even though the first steps were delayed because of the unprecedented management of the pandemic, the situation is stabilizing and the project is expected to address most of the overall objectives.

Family photo

On October 13th, flight tests were run at Casa Branca station. To know more about how did they went, click here.

By the end of the project, another meeting to describe the achivements will be held.