RADIUS holds its second Advisory Board meeting

February 16, 2023

On February 7, 2023, RADIUS held its second Advisory Board meeting since the project was launched. The purpose of these sessions is to bring together all the partners collaborating to analyze the status of the project and set the next steps of the agenda to meet the objectives that have been selected.

The agenda of the meeting consisted of the following points: Project description, Project status and its premiliminary results, followed by a Q&A and for clousure the partners held an open discussion about diverse topics.

During the discussion on the Project Description the topics of monitoring of railway signaling assets, scheduled a/on-demand human activitie, diagnostic systems (wired solutions) and active monitoring via diagnostic vehicles were emphasized.

The part dealing with the project status and its preliminary results described the progress of the work being carried out to ensure that inspections of railway tracks are carried out with drones, which would allow them to be done out more frequently, at significantly lower costs, ensuring greater safety for workers and, in addition, more reliable data would be obtained.

Among the main conclusions drawn at the meeting was that the project is progressing as planned. The withdrawal of a partner from the project will entail a delay of six months, but this will not affect the overall development of RADIUS, which continues with clear objectives.

Another key point of the meeting was to discuss some of the business lines that could be of most interest to RADIUS. Among the most outstanding ones are: Galileo & EGNOS GNSS positioning system can be an enabling technology for UAS in railway by flying BVLOS across a railway infrastructure avoiding obstacles -like catenary, power stations-, also for avoiding interaction with trains, flying VLOS in an urban area and positioning close to the signalling assets.

Second advisory meeting

The meeting was held online and attended by all the partners involved in the project: Hitachi, EuroUSC España, EuroUSC Italy, Evoleo Technologies, Infraestructuras de Portugal and ZebaByte as well as the members of the Advisory Board.

The next Advisory Board meeting, scheduled near the end of the project, will share the final results.